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The Book Programme

The Book Programme

Ghana Book Trust procures books from North America in promotion of a reading culture in Ghana. These books are sold at highly subsidized rates only to recover the cost of procurement, freight and clearing. About twenty per cent of these books are donated to schools and community libraries.

In the past eight years, GBT has imported thirty-five 40-foot containers of books made up of 14 containers of children books and novels and 21 containers of tertiary books. The total number of books imported and distributed is over 590,300.

Book Donations

Through the Book Programme, GBT works with Books for Africa, organisations and foundations in the United States of America to donate books to school and community libraries, non-governmental organisations who work in literacy, orphanages and children wards of hospitals to mention a few.

Better World Trust of USA has in the past three years (2017 and 2019) donated two-40 foot containers of books for onward donation to the deprived. MoneyGram Foundation through Books for Africa also donated a container of books in 2019. United Parcel Services Foundation also donated two and a half containers of books to Ghana through GBT in 2019.