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Reading Ghana: 2004 – 2016

Reading Ghana: 2004-2016

GBT has extensive experience, working with teachers from public schools in the Ashanti Region to consciously teach children how to read:

  • From 2004 to 2007, GBT worked in public schools in the Adansi East and Ahafo Ano South Districts. Over the period 548 teachers and 16 Circuit Supervisors were trained.
  • From 2007 to 2012, GBT worked in public schools in the Kwabre East, Afigya-Kwabre and Amansie West Districts. Through the programme, 647 teachers and 21 lead trainers were trained in the Teaching of Reading.
  • From 2011 to 2013 GBT worked with 40 Colleges of Education and trained 80 Tutors who teach English Methodology.
  • From 2012 to 2016, GBT worked in the Asante Akim South, Bosome-Freho and Amansie Central Districts and worked with 150 public schools over the period. Working with 45 schools in the first two years and another 30 schools each in the following 2 years.Teachers were trained from Primary 1 to 3 in the first two years and later the training was extended to include Primary 4 to 6 teachers. A total of 630 classroom teachers were trained. Head Teachers of each of the project schools attend the Teaching of Reading Workshops so they gain a clear understanding of the strategies and enable them organise in-service training for the teachers. A total of 150 Head Teachers were also trained.To ensure that the teachers utilize the strategies that they are taught in the workshops, the Lead Trainers go out into the field to monitor, mentor and evaluate the teachers in their classrooms. After each training workshop, the participants are given 3 weeks to practice the strategies before the field trip is undertaken.The Lead Trainers sit in the lessons to assess how well the teachers utilise the strategies.Afterwards, they mentor the teachers by conducting demonstration lessons. After a day of monitoring in the school, a meeting is held with the Head Teacher and teachers at which discussions are held on findings, challenges and the way forward. The work in the field helps the Lead Trainers reinforce learning at the next workshops.

Group Work

A highlight of the Teaching of Reading Programme is the Reading Competition which is held every year amongst the project schools. Two competitions are held, one for Primaries 4-6 and the other for Junior High School 1-3. The competitions encourage the children to read.