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IBBYInternational and IBBYGhana

IBBYInternational and IBBYGhana

IBBYInternational and IBBYGhana

From time to time, NGOs like Biblionef Ghana, Street Library, Ghana Book Trust and government organisations like the Ghana Library Authority and the Ghana Book Development Council supported by publishers, organise reading clinics in various parts of the country.  

The 5th IBBY Africa Regional Conference was held in Accra from 29 August to 1 September 2019.  The purpose of the conference was to discuss the importance of illustrations in children’s picture books and how to improve on illustrations.  The IBBYGhana Meshack Asare Prize was instituted at this conference in honour of Meshack Asare (a Writer and Illustrator) and in appreciation of his immense contribution to children’s literature.  The prize is to be awarded every two years.

Ghana Book Trust was elected as President of IBBYGhana in September 2019.

The International Board for Books for the Young (IBBY) is an international organisation whose prime function is to promote the joy of reading and literacy among children all over the world.  As such the development and publication of suitable children’s books is important.  

Each participating country is called a section and IBBYGhana was established in the 1970s.  By the 1990s, IBBYGhana had become inactive but was revived by Akoss Ofori-Mensah, Managing Director of Sub-Saharan Publishers in 2010.  

A number of organisations are members of the IBBYGhana Section and they are:

  • Ghana Library Authority
  • Sub-Saharan Publishers
  • Golden Baobab
  • Ghana Book Trust
  • Osu Library Fund
  • Biblionef Ghana
  • Children’s Literature Foundation
  • Ghana Book Development Council
  • Ghana Book Publishers Association